The Body Building Barbie                 

Miss Toto is 27 and lives in Chicago, IL but started drag in Miami. She is a shark tagging, bodybuilding, international DJ/ drag sensation. Outside of being a drag queen, she has taken her passion for philanthropy to raise over $50,000 for the BLM movement. More recently she created and lead the first annual Drag-N-Tag shark tagging fundraiser with Field School for Pridelines. Miss Toto’s other pursuits are the #SEEETOTODIE series, Choke Hole XXXTreme Drag Wrestling,  producing events, as well as designing a fashion collaboration.  It just takes one second until you’ll be saying “#IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO”!
Miss Toto
Miss toto on a beach

Featured in Huffington Post

“Bodybuilding is literally drag for straight people ’cause it’s all about the show,”

Miss Toto posing

Featured on AOL.com

"You can do whatever you want as a drag performer, because it's your creative outlet, not anybody else's."